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Felipe Luize

Hello, I am Senior Product designer at, and have been working with digital projects for 6 years. I graduated in Product Design and I am a Digital Marketing Strategy specialist. I love working with digital products, thinking from the begining solutions, solving real daily users problems. Moreover, I always transfer to my projects a conceptual idea of branding, passing these values to users through content and visual strategy.

I have a dual citizenship, I am brazilian by birth, but with a habit of gesturing that only Italian people know. I am married to most enchanting woman in the world. I am also a barbecue cook trainee and a man of faith.

Senior Product Designer • jan/2015

Product Designer • ago/2011

UI/UX Designer
luccaco • jan/2010

Systematic notion of product construction. Strategy and branding lover.

Over the last years, I have worked on the re-design at, more specifically live games page (used at World Cup 2014 and Olympic Games 2016). I also worked with the most complete technology portal in Brazil: Techtudo. Currently, I'm working on the home page, searching for best way to present an overview of the daily news wherever you are.

Make yourself comfortable to write me if you want to know more about my work.

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